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24th Nov 2017 - 1st Jan 2018 | Chiswick House & Gardens

Visitors will experience a truly fascinating lantern trail as they explore the lantern trail around the beautifully landscaped grounds of Kings Heath Park. The paths, greenery, bushes and trees will be illuminated with stunning hand-sculpted lanterns in all shapes and sizes. Along the route visitors will uncover multi-coloured lanterns at every twist and turn of the trail, offering amazing family photo opportunities and vividly lit scenery, making for a magical cultural Xmas experience. 

Magical Lantern Festival Birmingham - Lantern Highlights

Iconic Birmingham Central Library 

Visitors will immediately recognize this five-meter high, lantern recreation of Birmingham's iconic central library building. A stunning hand-sculpted masterpiece which will no doubt be a favorite amongst our local Brummie visitors.  

Fairytale Castle

An impressive eight-meter high lantern recreation of a fairytale style castle complex with ornate design and architecture, with spires, tunnels, arches and flag poles. This superb lantern structure and its architecture is the most impressive and largest lantern scene at the festival. 

Polar Bears on Ice

Xmas is not complete without polar bears. We have produced a stunning larger-than-life lantern scene of a pack of polar bears resting on a glacier of ice.

Gingerbread House

Children will marvel at our lantern version of the Gingerbread House from the world-famous Hansel & Gretel fairy tale, complete with lantern lollipops and sweets. 

Giant Phoenix

Visitors will come face-to-face with a giant six-meter high Phoenix. The legend of the Chinese Phoenix states that it is the mythical king of all birds. With the head of a peacock, body of a swan and wings of a golden cockerel, they are believed to be messengers of happiness.