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24th Nov 2017 - 1st Jan 2018 | Chiswick House & Gardens

Visitors will experience a truly fascinating lantern trail as they explore the lantern trail around the beautifully landscaped gardens. The paths, gardens, bushes, trees and lakeside will be illuminated with stunning hand-sculpted lanterns in all shapes and sizes. Along the route visitors will uncover multi-colored lanterns at every twist and turn of the trail, offering amazing family photo opportunities and vividly lit scenery, making for a magical cultural Xmas experience. 

Magical Lantern Festival London - Lantern Highlights

Row of Snowmen 

As visitors enter the gardens they will be welcomed by a row of two-metre high lantern snowmen dressed with hats and scarves dotted along the entrance path into the festival.

Santa & Reindeers

A lantern version of a giant Santa Claus riding his sleigh full of presents, pulled by his trusted reindeers. 

Ancient City from the Song Dynasty

A colossal lantern recreation of an ancient city from the Song Dynasty, an era of Chinese history that began in 960 and continued until 1279. This superb scene is made up of lantern buildings, walkways, steps, arches, decoration and architecture of that time making it the most impressive and largest cultural lantern scene at the festival. 

Penguins on Ice

Xmas is not complete without a penguin scene and we have produced a stunning larger-than-life lantern scene of a colony of penguins resting on a glacier of ice.

Diving Dolphins

Along the lakeside visitors will see a stunning lantern scene recreating diving dolphins sculpted to show them diving in and out of the water.

Noah's Ark

One of the key highlights of the festival is the lantern recreation of Noah's Ark, the biblical vessel which carried animals to safety. Lantern animals surround the Ark including life sized zebras, giraffes, elephants, rhinos and much more making this one of the most beautiful scenes in the festival.